Kylie Abramovic

Pascal LiÈvre

3’39 • 2008 • vo anglais • France • film d’artiste

Pascal Lièvre notices that in the video of Marina Abramovic, Balkan Erotic Epic (2006) a plan looks like strangely a scene of the video clip Slow rdirected by Ballie Walsh in 2003 for the Kylie Minogue.
The same movement inverted by a choreography where one involve an image of the male body.
It is especially the same movement of camera that reveals every time an erotic image of the man translated in languages different from the pop or from the contemporary art which intrigues Pascal Lièvre, the fact however it is two women Marina Abramovic and Kylie Minogue who translate the male body, the one by showing what the other one suggests.
By introducing the images of Abramovic into the clip of Minogue, it is a question of showing formally how as in the sexual act mimed in both videos the relations which exist between the contemporary art and the popular culture translate the permanent round trips fed by mutual loans which complement each other

music : Kylie Minogue

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