Je ne sens plus rien

Noémie Marsily & Carl Roosens

9’28 • 2016 • vo sans dialogue • Belgique, Canada • animation • 16/9

He’s a magician. She’s a firefighter. Isolated from the chaos of the world, the two lovers live in a crane basket high in the sky, where they try to go about their daily business. Their challenge is to keep their heads, here up above it all, while everything falls apart down below. But reality calls : fires need quenching, and audiences need entertaining, in Noémie Marsily and Carl Roosens’ rich animated satire of life in a world gone off the rails.

script, animation, voices : Carl Roosens & Noémie Marsily
original soundtrack : Pierre Yves Drapeau
sound effect : Lise Wedlock, René Lussier
sound recording : Luc Léger, Geoffrey Mitchell
sound mixing : Serge Boivin
technical manager : Pierre Plouffe
producers : Delphine Cousin, Delphine Renard, William Henne, Marc Bertrand
executive producer : Julie Roy
production : Zorobabel & the National Film Board of Canada

- Awards :
Grand prix international du jury - Festival international d’animation Ciné court animé - 2018
YOO Kwang-sun Prize - International Animation Festival de Corée - 2017

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