Happy today

Giulio Tonincelli

17’22 • 2017 • vo anglais • st français • Italie, France • documentaire

In the shadow of Mount Oret in Acholi Land, Northern Uganda, Patricia studies to be a midwife. She helps new mothers through the physical pain and immense emotion of giving birth. In Kalongo, this remote village, there is no anesthesia except for the comforting tones of a midwife’s voice and the soft reassurance of her company.

screenwriters : Giulio Tonincelli, Jessica Pepper-Peterson
participant and voice : Patricia Lagua Leo
D.O.P, camera operator, sound recordist : Giulio Tonincelli
sound editor : Giorgetto Maccarinelli
assistant director : Gloria Paolucci
editors : Alessandro Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti
sound mixer : Giorgetto Maccarinelli
production manager : Jessica Pepper-Peterson
executive producers : Olivier Chantriaux, Philippe Bosse
foreign producer : Luca Cabriolu
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