Get out

Carlos Ameller & Nicolas Courtemanche

- - -

5’08 • 2011 • ov french • st english • Belgium • animation

Alone in front of his empty canvas, a naked painter faces the abyss of creation. He paints his picture with whole of his soul, and body. Hostile presences immediately assail him.. The nightmare appears in an opening. Cynical critics of arts and aesthetes all dressed in black perorate.

sound editing, premix: Niels Barbletta, Guillaume Couturier
additional sounds: Simon Carlier
mix: Olivier Guillaume
voices: Dimitri Jageneau, Quentin Meert, Jérôme Degee, Julien Carlier, Karim Benamor colorization assistants : Anabelle Gobillion, Benoît Courtemanche, Cypria Donato
production and distribution : Atelier de Production, ENSAV La Cambre

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