12 octobre 2012

Le Vecteur - 30 rue de Marcinelle - Charleroi

Frankenstein encore at Festival Livresse #15

1:30 pm - free entrance

Livresse #15 deals with the film writting.
Debates, focus, screening, performances, exhibition, bookstore... are the heart of the Festival
68 Septante, partner of the festival for 3 years, present this year :

two films
- Riding Along_reloaded by Sébastien Demeffe
- Frankenstein encore by Alex Baladi & Isabelle Nouzha

- an audiovisual installation, La crise de Lard by Jérôme Giller

- its DVD publishings available at the bookstore

Before the debate Comics vs Cinema, screening of Frankenstein encore (31’30 - 2009) by Alex Baladi &Isabelle Nouzha

Two young women out on a late-night walk find an odd discarded copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Back home and during the night, the melancholic creature of Victor Frankenstein haunt the dreams of one while the other dissect the strange book they’ve found that night...

Frankenstein encore is adapted from the comic by Baladi, Frankenstein now and forever, (Typocrat, 2005)

Le Vecteur - 30 rue de Marcinelle - Charleroi

12 octobre 2012 de 13h30 à 16h30