Filles en orange (Les)

Yaël Andre

- - -

31’ • 2003 • ov english, french • Belgium • fiction

Les filles en orange is a naïve and didactic film intended for simple minds.
At random, it has:

- a method for bleaching gold fish;
- a way of classifying sexes according to colour of clothes;
- a formula for making soap bubbles;
- a way of winding thread back on its spool;
- an observation point on roof tops;
- maxims for line fishing;
- attempts at dancing in quintuple time;
- a theory about up and down;
- a procedure for communication with palms of hands;
- a way of singing out of tune;
- no conclusion on relationships between men and women.

with: Anissa Rouas, Boris Lehman, Catherine Evrard, Didier Leemans, Fred Mainçon, Gilles Lechantre, Jean-Claude Germain, Joanna O’ Keeffe, Joël Bissar, Majella Gélise, Pierre Wegnez, Sophie Leleu, Ursule Olivier, Yaël André, etc.
screenplay: everybody participated
image: Fred Mainçon, Franck Olivier, Gilles Lechantre, Gilles Dravet and Tommaso Fiorelli
sound: Marie Verwacht, Eugénia Savoini and Nathalie André
music: Hughes Maréchal (arrangements), Yves Poliart, DJ Piiit (advicers)
editing: Will Vande & Matyas Veress
production: film by subscribtion
post-production: Cobra Films, Daniel De Valck and Anne Deligne
with the support of the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of the French-speaking communauty of Belgium

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