Fantômes (Les)

Marie Voignier

- -

14’05 • 2004 • ov french • France • documentary

..."The idea of this concept, it is to form somebody, in the reconstituted architecture of the company, that is going to be virtual in its production, the production does not exist, but this company is going to reconstitute the decor of a PME (small and medium-sized firm) and it is in this set that the trainee takes the wage role, he plays a role play with which we teach him its profession or its future profession.
This virtual company is in connection with the other companies: it is training centers which hold the same educational concept to form their teachers.
This relation is going to serve as support to imagine exchanges of companies of training to companies of training which are going to play between them the role of company supplier and customer company.
We so arrive, by multiplying the new business start-up of training to reconstitute a whole virtual economic market"...
excerpt from the text of the video