Faim (La)

Soufiane Adel

- - -

11’48 • 2017 • ov french • st english • France • fiction

Fayçal is out of breath, worn out by years of excess. He has abused his body and is now living with the physical and emotional wounds of his profession. Heavily indebted, he can neither sustain his family, nor nourish himself or keep on training.
Yet he plans to fight Soleil, a much younger, rising boxing star.

cast: Fayçal Adel, Harisson MPaya, Kamel Adel, Soufiane Adel, Dan Herzberg, Mourrad Boudaoud, Soleil Samo, Arris Wahlen and Jean-Pierre Boulange
photography: Romain Carcanade
camera assistant: Thomas Ducret
sound editing: Claire-Anne Largeron
costume designer: Élisa Ingrassia
makeup: Marjorie Boiste
screenplay : Soufiane Adel and Raphaël Rivière
sound: Sofia Kuzmenko
editing: Jérémy Gravayat and Hector Di Napoli
color grading: Jean-Michel Petit
sound mixing: Sébastien Pierre
production and distribution : Soufiane Adel and Aurora Films

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