Patrick Taliercio

DVD-5 - 47’ - 2005/2009 - 450 copies
- subtitles : dutch, english and french
- extra : How Iceland changed its governement ashort documentary by Patrick Taliercio

- Euroland - 28’ - 2005 - fr ov en st
Tuesday January 1st, 2002, a single currency comes was born.
An event that seemed unimaginable. Robert Kalina, Euro, graphic designer, chose to dispaly, virtual bridges rather than anonymous faces on the notes.
This film attempts to understand what such a choice tells us about European construction.

- How Iceland changed its governement - 19’ - 2009 - ov st en / fr
Iceland’s banks, after having championed in financial acrobatics, were hard hit by the financial crisis and plunged the country into bankruptcy in October 2008.
At the end of January 2009, the parliamentary year starts with a week of demonstrations, which force the government to resign.
After getting rid of its neo-liberal politicians, Iceland might also see the end of a system of consumption.