Empêchés (Les)

Sandrine Terragno & Stéphanie Vasseur

16’32 • 2018 • vo français • France • film d’artiste, animation

We are all afraid. Afraid to speak, afraid to disappoint. Afraid for ourselves or for others. Afraid of suffering, changing, wounding, losing, winning.
We are ashamed, we protect ourselves and keep quiet. We clamp down on our desires, our wants, our complexes, our suffering.

adapted from Les empêchés, a book by Stéphanie Vasseur, illustrated by Sandrine Terragno
voices : Alysson Paradis, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Salomé Godin, Ariane Zantain, Pascal Elbé, Laurent Bateau, Bruno Clairefond, Rébecca Finet and Gisèle Casadesus
music and sound : Stéphane Isidore
visuals : Sandrine Terragno
sound mixing : Benjamin Viau
animation : Franck Dudouet and Sandrine Terragno
production : Offshore, with the support of la Ville de Paris
distribution : Manifest

- awards
- Mention spéciale - Festival du Film de Sarlat - 2018

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