Esther Johnson

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10’ • 2009 • ov english • st french • United Kingdom • documentary • 16/9

Elevation is an unique portrait of Sheffield’s in/famous Park Hill estate, created during an eclipse period between clearance and reinvention. Lauded in its early ’60s heyday as a pro-communal network of ’streets in the sky’, the structure has since been loved and loathed as one of modernism’s most visionary complexes or a crumbling concrete eyesore.
Elevation comprises two concurrent elements: a sequence of ten fixed-camera portraits from carefully selected vantages around the estate; and a voiceover interview with longtime Park Hill caretaker Grenville Squires, who eloquently describes the structure’s successes and failures. Above all, Elevation is a poignant memento of a turning point in the estate’s history, as the last embers of its communal ideal flicker out, and the first glimmers of its coming second life can be sensed.

voice : Grenville Squires

- screening within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Plateau Télé #3
Court-Bouillon #27
Café Frima*s - Chemins de travers(e) #2