De wind

Damien Magnette & Carl Roosens

4’43 • 2015 • Belgium • music video, animation

The Wild Classical Music Ensemble is an experimental music project led by a sound engineer who formed a band regrouping people with different intellectual deficiencies as well as talented musicians, intending to create a visual and musical experience moved by the desire to combine multiple visual and sensitive artworks.
Together they created a stunning mix of punk rock, homemade instruments and intuitive lyrics to which followed the production of this music video, adding animated paintings to their musical talent to produce a complete artistic blend of colors and sounds.

animation: The Wild Classical Music Ensemble (Linh Pham, Kim Verbeke, Rudy Callant, Johan Geenens, Sebastien Faidherbe)
editing: Carl Roosens
music: The Wild Classical Music Ensemble
color grading: Caroline Nugues
production: Wit.h vzw, Zorobabel and Humpty Dumpty

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade