De l’inexistence du temps

André Goldberg

25’ • 1998 • vo français • Belgique • documentaire

With Jean-François Octave, nobody knows where is situated the limit between the art and the life, the truth and the forgery. His work is quite at once a personal diary fed by meetings and by curiosity, and a kaleidoscope of the worldly, pointless or grave news.
The artist was associated with the elaboration of the movie, by the reading of some of his texts and by occurring in the graphic conception of the credits and the crossheads.
The screenplay of the movie is a continuation of fictionalized atmospheres allowing to exploit the various facets of the work of Jean-François Octave, one can as if we followed him in the progress of the typical day of an artist of the end of the twentieth century.

screenplay : André Goldberg
texts : Jean-François Octave
artistic consultant : Daniel Vander Gucht
photography : Jean-Jacques Mathy
sound : Jacques Urbain
documentation : Nathalie Staes
editing : Ludo Verbruggen and Linda Palmaerts
color grading : Michaël Faber
computer graphics : Giovanni Cascone
sound mixing : Roland Boon
voice over : Muriel Dujardin and Jean-François Octave
production : R.T.B.F and L’image latente

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