Dame, poussières

Catherine Le Goff

- - -

10’ • 2010 • ov french • st english • Belgium • documentary, animation

Dame, poussières is based upon an interview with Latifa, my cleaning lady.
Since ten years ago, for health reasons, I am helped by the cleaning ladies at the Brussels Family Centre.
Without knowing what form it would take, I have always wanted to do something about them, to account for their availability, their openness, and to emphasize the fact that their work is not just limited to cleaning people’s homes.
For just as they work, these women also chatter, take an interest in you, remember you, question you and talk to you of the world.
For many of the people they help, they represent the only contact they ever have with the outside world...
Inspired by Latifa’s portrait of Mrs Kaslawska, a Czech woman that she helped during ten years, my drawings attempt to recreate the sort of relationship that emerges, day after day, from an assistance that proves to be precious.