Culture war (The)

Charles Lum

- - -

4’20 • 2011 • ov english • st french • USA • documentary

Crawling text complicates and explicates a multi-channel single screen street documentary of the 12/18/10 protest against the Smithsonian Institution’s censoring of the David Wojnarowicz video excerpt “A Fire In My Belly” from the “Hide/Seek” show in the National Gallery in December 2010.
A posthumous Wojnarowicz comments on the political and cultural power of artist ‘s images and words as his censored video plays beneath it’s own current contretemps. Protesting artists commentating include: William Dobbs, Hyewon Yi, Peter Cramer, Ann Northrop, Carlo Quispe, Kate Huh & Jack Waters. The artwork was not reinstated by the Smithsonian, but was promptly acquired by the Museum Of Modern Art for their permanent collection as well as for immediate presentation alongside other sympathetic museums worldwide concurrent with "Hide/Seek."

"THE CULTURE WAR IS A DIVERSION FROM ECONOMIC POLICY INSURING PLUTOCRACY" is a local NYC-Queer experimental doc using art with art world critique to demonstrate the effective ambiguity of street protest and the continuing dynamism of "gay" in political strategies steeped in greed.