Crise de lard (La) - season 1

Jérôme Giller

8’15 • 2007 • vo français • st anglais • Belgique • film d’artiste

La crise de lard is a video series produced as a small, satirical, pamphleteering play in which Jérôme Giller adopts an absurd, deliberately polemical tone to comment on historical works of art, the artistic world and the way it works.

The chattering and media events surrounding works of art are inclined to make the works disappear in favour of comments, be these appropriate or not.
It is as though reviewing art today was becoming art itself.
Art has become a cultural industry and Duchamp’s viewer is now a mere spectator who must, at all costs, be persuaded of the relevance and quality of what he sees.
The viewer is stripped of any critical sense, goaded as he is into "hyperconsuming" contemporary art.
By assuming the role of a polemical spectator, the artist proposes an attempt at liberating our perception and critical sense.

First season
Objects are perceived first and foremost in terms of instrumental values.
The object’s usefulness is the principle governing consumption.
Working on the presumption that the work of art is an object like any other (that is "for consumption"), Jérôme Giller, in the first season of La crise de lard, strips down the mechanisms linked to the political economy of works of art.
He compares their usefulness or lack of usefulness to everyday items of consumption and singles out the symbolic values attached to their possession, thus analysing the invisible mechanisms of their sensually gratifying economy.

Episodes : The crisis / Representation / The economy / Diplomacy / In intimity / Mass media / industrialization /
Epilogue : Symbolic power

production, image, sound, editing : Jérôme Giller
Jérôme Giller

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade