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9’ • 2012 • ov french • st english • documentary, animation • HD

To leave or to stay?
Citizens from Ouagadougou express themselves. Between those who dream of leaving for the West and those who want to stay, a pattern emerges…

direction and script: Sébastien Godard, François d’Assises Ouedraogo, Arzouma, Mahamadou Dieni & Moumouni Jupiter Sodré
editing and sound mixing: Sébastien Godard
production: Caméra-etc

- awards:
adult Second Jury Prize - Chicago International Children’s Film Festival - 2013

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Apéro Vidéo #5
Court-Bouillon #3.4
Court-Bouillon Public Screening #5
Court-Bouillon #2.21
Court-Bouillon #2.15