Chanson d’Ismael (La)

Les filles de hirohiTo (Daniel Bajoit & Jean-Bastien Tinant)

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4’32 • 2012 • ov french • st english • Belgium • music video, animation

Ismael is coming from the belly of a whale, and he wanna go to Zanzibar. He runs, dances on his song.
During his adventure, he’s transforming, travelling around the modern world
and introduce himself in front of the king.

La chanson d’Ismael from L’accueil d’Ismael Stamp by Pieter De Buysser

text: Pieter de Buysser
translation: Ann Verschueren
music: Les filles de hirohiTo
screenplay, programmation and singing: Jean-Bastien Tinant
2D animation and guitar: Daniel Bajoit
recording et bass : Pierre Kissling
3D animation: André de Harenne
sound mixing: Erwin Autrique
production: Les filles de hirohiTo with the support of L’atelier Graphoui

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