27 February 2011

Cercle du Laveu - 45 rue des Wallons - Liège

Cercle Vidéo #5

8 pm - €1

These interventions investigate the catalog of The Nomadic Video library through a cycle of projections consisted of movies of artists or of documentaries about artists.
This 5th Cercle Video suggests you discovering the full-length film of Matthieu Chatellier: Voir ce que devient l’ombre.
This movie makes us penetrate into the intimacy of a couple of outstanding artists: Fred Deux and Cécile Reims

After the projection, we propose you a meeting with the director

During several months, Matthieu Chatellier filmed both artists in the intimacy of their work of painter and engraver.
The movie joins in the precise moment of a life: that of the old age, the dispossession and the questioning on "after".
In more than eighty years, Fred Deux and Cécile Reims deliver us a modern, audacious thought and without compromise over the XXth century, on the role of the creation and on the life.

With the support of the French Embassy in Belgium.

Cercle des cinés - Liège

27 February 2011 de 20h00 à 23h00