28 novembre 2010

28 novembre 2010

Cercle des Cinés - 45 rue des wallons - Liège

Cercle Vidéo #4

dès 18h30 - entrée 1€

4th collaboration with Le Cercle des Cinés we focuse on our project The Nomadic Video Library.
Around 7pm, we propose to you a season soup with its toast
Games are also available there.

A good occasion to discover singular films, animation, vidéo art, documentary, etc, short and full-lenght , from Belgium and abroad, collected since 3 years and available tonight on demand .

Video session take place on one of the five 5 consultation TVset..
Catalogue is also available there to guide you in your research.

Cercle du Laveu - Liège

28 novembre 2010 de 18h30 à 22h00