17 mars 2015

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

Café Frima*s - Rencontres #3

7:30 pm - free entrance

On every tuesday, our guest(s) share their experience(s), speak to us about the everyday life of their job, their actions and better make us understand what sometimes hides behind the veil of our (un)knowledge...

La presse et le papier / revues et journaux collectifs.
Talks with Gérald Hanotiaux, Ensemble ! and Alexandre Penasse, Kairos

The press, (that) is finished !
Long life to the continuous news, the tablets and the screens !
For eternal unwilling and the grouches, there is always a choice of the paper for to be inform !
The paper : a format, informations of choice ?

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

17 mars 2015 de 19h30 à 23h00