20 mars 2015

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

Café Frima*s - Apéro #3

6:30 pm - €5

Every friday from 6:30 pm, a sound, visual and poetic proposal.

Conquête du pays UGOGO a poetic performance by Vincent Tholomé and Xavier Dubois (BE)

Roughly, it is about a fiction. About a project of writing, performances and sound recordings.
Roughly, the crossing of a territory. Of a mixed country. By explorers’ team.
That mixes here and somewhere else.
That speaks muddy lands from our home and Africa.
About the old dream of our fathers to conquer. To make a fortune somewhere else.
That speaks warriors wart hogs and about the life in factories.
About a life maybe better. About the lifestyle or not to live together.

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

20 mars 2015 de 18h30 à 23h00