9 décembre 2014

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest


from 7 pm - €5/€8 (twith soup and toasts)

CINéSOEP ! Your appointment around a sound or visual antipasti followed by a main plate made up of a longer sound or film creation.

A program serve with a delicious homemade soup.

In december we’re pleased to invite :

- Pilar Arcila with Le pendule de Costel (68’ - 2013 - FR)
- Guillaume Istace, for a sound antipasti with Réfugiés (14’22 - 2009 - BE)

Talks with Guillaume Istace and Pilar Arcila after the screening.

-  Refugiés
A small 10’ sound journey which tries to report what is the course of a refugee in our beautiful country...

-  Le pendule de Costel
Stemming from the Roma community of Romania, Costel and his widened family moves between France, Switzerland and their own country, in search of a way to make their living.
Movie of family and poetic archive of the present, the documentary takes place between the looks and follows their daily life made of untangle, of faiths and survival.
Between wandering and economic migration, the course of Costel speaks to us about Europe with variable economy put to the test by its dreams and by his most deprived communities.

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

9 décembre 2014 de 19h00 à 23h00