18 novembre 2014


8 pm - €5/€8 (twith soup and toasts)

CINéSOEP ! Your appointment around a sound or visual antipasti followed by a main plate made up of a longer sound or film creation.

A program serve with a delicious homemade soup.

In november we’re pleased to invite :

- Ingo Baltes with Conversations in Milton Keynes (72’ - 2011 - BE)
- sound antipasti with Poetry, Texas by Pejk Malinovski (27’40 - 2012 - USA)

Talks with Ingo Baltes after the screening.

-  Poetry Texas
Poetry, Texas, is a radio documentary by Pejk Malinovski. It’s about Poetry. What is Poetry ?
Poetry is not really a town, it’s a bunch of houses along a road with a gas station in the middle, three churches and a school. And a Taxidermist.
"It’s hard to know where poetry starts and where poetry stops now, back in the day it was well defined." Says Rick Salisbury of Poetry Taxidermy
Pejk Malinovski takes the listeners gently and humorously by the hand and shows them a fresh way to look at Poetry.
Free from dusty books and literary experts, free even from poets. But full of life.

-  Conversations in Milton Keynes
Series of meetings in a new town in England, Milton Keynes, built in the late 60’s.
An experiment of life which affects the author himself, and with him those whom he films : a beer drinker, an architect, a person in charge of shopping carts....

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

18 novembre 2014 de 20h00 à 23h00