21 octobre 2014


8 pm - €5/€8 (with soup and toasts)

Monthly, the CINéSOEP, cinéclub, powered by 68 Septante and Taraxacum asbl, is on back to the Brass for 5 new evenings...
CINéSOEP, it is always your rendez-vous around a sound or visual antipasti followed by a main plate made up of a sound or film creation.
After the screening we propose a talk with the directors.

A program serve with a delicious homemade soup.

In october we’re pleased to invite :

- Delphine Fedoroff with her first full-lenght movie Après nous, ne resteras que la terre brûlée (80’ - 2014 - BE)
Brussels première, after its selection at the FIFF in Namur.

- Anne Lepère, for a sound antipasti with Escape (5’30 - 2013 - BE)

Talks with Anne Lepère and Delphine Fedoroff and also with Gaetan Saint-Rémy, film’s producer (Sep Stigo Films) after the screening.

-  Escape
Travel, cross the life in search of the harmony.
Play his:her own music, marry its rhythm … Find his/her way, its tempo.
How to live just as closely as possible to one when the daily life buries us ?
The life crosses us or we cross the life !

-  Après nous, ne resteras que la terre brûlée
In April 1986, the Human is confronted with one of the greatest ecological disasters in their History : a nuclear explosion of unparalleled magnitude.
Exclusion zones are set up to accommodate the disaster survivors.
The village of Dytiatky and its inhabitants refuse to integrate into an exclusion zone and continue to live on their land, with their traditions and histories.
There are premature deaths among those displaced and a saving continuity for the Samossiols, those who “resist/return.”
After 25 years, what does this community think about its journey ? And what do their grandchildren think ?
What reasons motivated the disaster victims to fee or to stay ?
It is in the village of Dytiatky, bordering the “Zone” with those who “return”, that we must ask ourselves...

Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest

21 octobre 2014 de 20h00 à 23h00