Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - 1190 Forest


8 pm - €5 sound antipasti+film / €8 with a soup

New sound and visual rendez-vous at Brass in collaboration with Taraxacum asbl.
We offer a full lenght audiovisual creation with its antipasti).
Come, eat a fresh soup and meet the directors.
This event is organized within the framework of Café Frima*s.

In march we’re pleased to invite :
- Benjamin Hennot with his film La jungle étroite (57’ - 2013 - BE)
- Sound antipasti with Chaotik Jarden by Hélène Bernard and Priscille Cazin (28’ - 2013 - BE)

La jungle étroite
When people with an interest in organic food and permaculture come to Gilbert’s association to wonder at it’s 6.500 seeds varieties, or submerge themselves in it’s 2.000 fruit trees orchard, they soon find out that this is not just about promoting a "healthy way of life" when Gilbert is telling them : "I rather eat shit together than good food on my own".