Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - 1190 Forest


8 pm - €5 sound antipasti+film / €8 with a soup

New sound and visual rendez-vous at Brass sound in collaboration with the Taraxacum asbl.
Each month we offer a full lenght audio or audiovisual creation with its antipasti (sound piece or short film).
Come, eat a fresh soup and meet the directors.
This event is organized within the framework of Café Frima*s.

In february we’re pleased to invite :
- Mali Arun and offer you her film Barak.
- Sound antipasti by Faïdos Sonore.

"I meet Marcel. He is Roma and loves me. He told me that we’ll have a part of ground only for us, where he’ll build a shed and where I’ll be the queen of the area.
From Saint-Denis to the end of Europe, from my home to the Roma’s area, Barak is the story of a treasure hunt between the parisian suburbs and the wastelands, between the shanty town and their inhabitants, between Marcel and me."

More information and trailer of the film here