27 avril 2014

Cercle du Laveu - rue des wallons 45 - Liège


6:30 pm : table d’hôte €6 - 8:30 pm : sound antipasti + film €4

New collaboration with Taraxacum asbl : a sound and visual rendez-vous.
Regularly, we will offer you a full lenght movie and, as a starter, a sound antipasti...
And we hope each time with the directors.
Each event is accompanied by an host table.
In april, the event is organized with the Laveu’s GAC.

- 6:30 pm : Host Table by Sarah Rémy

- 8:30 pm : Screenings

-  La jungle étroite by Benjamin Hennot (57’ - 2013 - BE)
When people with an interest in organic food and permaculture come to Gilbert’s association to wonder at it’s 6.500 seeds varieties, or submerge themselves in it’s 2.000 fruit trees orchard, they soon find out that this is not just about promoting a "healthy way of life" when Gilbert is telling them : "I rather eat shit together than good food on my own."

- sound antipasti Un vigneron au parcours atypique by Faïdos Sonore (13’ - 2010 - FR)
We go to a vineyard of Armagnac where Georgacaragos family lives.
The father is from Greece and at least one atypical. Meeting with the two women in the family.

Following the screenings meeting with Benjamin Hennot.

Cercle du Laveu - 45 rue des wallons - Liège

27 avril 2014 de 18h30 à 23h00