Bruit du canon (Le)

Marie Voignier

- - -

27’ • 2006 • ov french • st english • France • documentary

Every year, between October and March, a black cloud of starlings comes down on the region of Locarno, in Brittany.
A war is declared. Birds destroy the cultures and plunder farms. The farmers tell their diverse attempts, more or less legal, more or less made a success, to to chase away them or to kill them.
Birds they, go well. They execute magnificent choreographies above fir trees.
But their surprising concentration returns this phenomenon so alarming as mysterious.

screenplay: Marie Voignier
production: Capricci Films

- Awards
Price of the short film at the Cinéma du Réel festival, Paris (2007)

- screenings within the framework of The Nomadic Video Library
Nomadic Video Library at the market