4 février 2011

-able kultuverein - Hobrecht strasse 28 - Neukölln - Berlin

Bonhomme Daniel ton ami imaginaire

from the 4th to the 18th of february - free entrance

Bonhomme Daniel is your imaginary friend.
Bonhomme Daniel it’s me it’s you it’s him.
Bonhomme Daniel it’s your reflection in the mirror any day when you do not know any more if you have to laugh or cry.

At the invitation of -able we organized an exhibition which presents the new work of Antonin De Belmels and Bonhomme Daniel.
The exhibition presents mixed techniques including drawings and sculptures with :
- a series of masks ; 2 African masks + a dozen of other creations.
- a series of drawings telling the journey of Bonhomme Daniel in Alice’s land.
Bonhomme Daniel incorporates Lewis Carroll’s universe through John Tenniel’s illustrations.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

- 4th of february at 6pm : opening
- 9th +10th + 11st + 12nd + 16th + 17th + 18th of february from 3 pm to 8 pm : exhibition
- 11st of february at 8 pm : audiovisual performance by Bonhomme Daniel and petite porte de bronze

- 12nd of februar at 5 pm : thé vidéo around Bonhomme Daniel (in presence of the author).
Screening of 4 films by Antonin De Bemels and Bonhomme Daniel from the Nomadic Video Library’s catalogue

Bonhomme Daniel is the name of a fictitious character, with an impassive mask, an imaginary friend, a kind of alter ego of the artist.
According to periods and of the humor, he returns in leitmotiv in his creations under multiple forms : drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, audiovisual installations and performances.

Through this double stoic, alternately creature and creator, character and artist, Antonin De Bemels expresses a state of confusion, a feeling of incommunicability and develops a thought on the solitude. Bonhomme Daniel embodies the necessity of resorting to a rich internal universe to resist the pressure of the system, which tries to standardize everything "to work" better.

Galerie -Able - Berlin

du 4 février 2011 à partir de 18h00 au18 février 2011 jusqu'à 23h00