Bataille du canal (La)

Plein Open Air Pttl

20’ • 2011 • vo français • Belgique • documentaire

Brussels has a canal and thus quays. These contributed during decades to the economic and social development of Brussels, and constitute another reservoir of jobs for thousands of Brusselses.
But the canal and its neighborhoods arouse a renewed interest today.
Blinded by the lure of gain, certain public authorities and private investors claim "to rehabilitate" this part of Brussels perceived as a new El Dorado.
The idea is to transform the canal into marina, its popular banks in holiday resorts for well-to-do, its industrial buildings in lofts, its barges in pleasure boats and eggs of lompe in caviar...

Involving the tone of the black humor to that of a false propaganda report, La bataille du canal presents us some some of these pharaonic projects.