Barbara dans les bois

Nicolas Clement

- - -

14’20 • 2015 • ov no dialog • Belgium • experimental • 16/9

A thread reel, a knitting machine, a character wearing a balaclava wandering in a space time difficult to identify where the thread brings us back to the film rolls of primitive cinema. A multiple portrait presented like an initiatory journey, Barbara dans les bois is a short-film where the textile work of Barbara Massart (La “S” Grand Atelier) and the photography of photographer Nicolas Clément meet. The work began in 2013 within the framework of a residence at the La “S” Grand Atelier, an atypical location for creation that puts together mentally deficient artists and their contemporary counterparts. The result is an experimental documentary around the character of Barbara and her textile creations. Barbara and Nicolas explore nature, launching on a path through the woods, a place that feeds the personal tales of the young woman. Each feels their place in the exchange and the foundations of a common language are laid down. A place tinted with mystery, hovering between fiction and reality takes form. A reel of wool spun by the actor doubles the movement of the camera. The film begins. Barbara feels her image, escapes it, builds it with her costumes, and creates others to merge into a magical duplicate, to encounter the other Barbara in the serene, mystical nature.

screenplay: Barbara massart
film editing: Nicolas clément
sound mixing: Maxime coton
sound recording: Yves robic
production : Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes, AJC!

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