Bretislav Pojar

7’30 • 1972 • vo sans dialogue • Canada • animation • 4/3

Balablok explores the human phenomenon of resorting to violence over reason. The Cubes live happily amongst themselves until one of them encounters a Ball. War erupts and they fight until they all become the same again – this time in the form of Hexagons.
All is right in the world until one of them stumbles upon a Triangle…

screenplay and animation : Bretislav Pojar
set up : Yvon Mallette
photography : Pierre Provost
sound : Roger Lamoureux
sound mixing : Michel Descombes
music : Maurice Blackburn
recording : Roger Lamoureux
production : René Jodoin
distribution : NFB

- awards :
Grand Prix short film category - Festival de Canne - 1973
Critic prize - International film festival of Sri Lanka - 1973
Best animated film - International short film festival of Argentina - 1974

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