Aventure ambiguë (L’)

Bernard Mulliez

- - -

21’10 • 2002 - 2004 • ov french • st english • Belgium • documentary

It was during the summer 2002, that a Pigmy village settled at the rain forest animal park of Yvoire in Belgium.
The exhibition was open to the public. The entrance fees were to be used to finance the project Opération 2002 action humanitaire pygmée.
The initiative caused a minor scandal in the Belgian media.
L’aventure ambiguë is a family exploration video relating a touristic excursion.
The pygmies are not the central subject of the film, but rather the exhibition in itself: how are the Pygmies represented.
This scenography conforts the visitor with a colonial imagery reproduced for his own use by promoters who are nor ready to take on the dishonesty of the colonizer they have replaced.