Avec ou sans additifs


4’45 • 2015 • vo français • Belgique • documentaire, animation

20 children tell us, without complex and according to their vision of the world, what is really hidden in the food of today : chemical additives and other dyes not necessarily benign for our health.
A phenomenon that, unfortunately, is spreading more and more without us really realizing it.
This short film and its way of animating and what these children tell us illustrate how they see things : imaginative and amusing ways to approach these problems with humour and worry while making us aware of the truth that is not always obvious to detect.

management : Élodie Barlet, Éric Blesin, Félix Descamps and Delphine Renard
editing : Delphine Renard
production : Zorobabel, in partnership with l’Atelier des Petits Pas

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