Attraction universelle (L’)

Érik Bullot

13’ • 2000 • vo allemand, arabe, castillan, français, italien • France • film d’artiste

Train travels, sky maps watched through the magnifying glass, dance on a thread, throttles, attractions, merry-go-rounds, globes, disks, dancing, luna park, great wheel at night, firework displays, bungee jumping feature in several sequences evoking Newton’s laws and causing swirling and dizziness.
“Spared by gravitation, withstanding weightlessness, undoing the circular motion of bodies within space, are we now in a position to do a new revolution ?”

photography and editing : Érik Bullot
sound : Pascale Mons and Jean-François Priester
sound mixing : Emmanuel Croset
texts : Camille Flammarion, Charles Fourier, Heinrich von Kleist, Isaac Newton, Jean Louis Schefer, Simone Weil.
music : Eso es el amor, Les Chakachas ; Karagouna, Danse de Grèce ; Elongame, Keita Fodeba ; La Maddalena, Alessandro Scarlatti.
with : Brigitte Asselineau, Malah Randria, Sarah Schwarz, Stéphanie Teillier et la participation de Daniel Dobbels.
voices : Anna Correale, Virginie Dessèvre, Jaume Fargas i Coll, Keltoum Mesbah, Rainer Oldendorf.
production : Atelier d’Ivry, Cinéastes associés / Mission audiovisuelle (Délégation aux arts plastiques).

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