Alliance (L’)

Érik Bullot

- - -

24’ • 2010 • ov arabic, french, occitan • st french • France • artist’s film, fiction

Taking the form of a musical tale, sung in Occitan and Arabic, The Alliance takes as its inspiration legends of the past and present.
During the Saracens’ siege in the Limousin region in the Middle Ages, the Emir falls in love with the poetry of the troubadours through the songs of the Lord’s daughter. He resolves to learn Occitan.
The linguistic exchange and the lovers’ mutual passion bring an end to the siege and allow the two sides to seal an alliance.

photography: Catherine Pujol and Augustin Barbaroux
sound: Jean-François Priester, Alain Mathieu andt Emmanuel Ponty
costume design : Christine Thépénier et Marie-Pierre Aiello
sets: Jean Laube, Alexandre Berthier and Sandrine Castel
assistants to the director: Octavia de Larroche and Nina Lehman
production manager: Élisabeth Pawlowski
editing: Érik Bullot and Gaëlle Cintré
sound mixing: Mikaël Barre
original music: Ernest H. Papier
production: Capricci Films.
with the support of France 3, La Région Limousin, le Centre National de la cinématographie, l’Acsé, l’ADAMI, le Conseil Général de Loire-Atlantique and l’association Trobar
cast : Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Vincent Bouchot, Paul-Alexandre Dubois, Omar Berrada, Gilles Deliège, Roméo Monteiro, Nora Mulder, Amélie Berson, Marie-Andrée Omas, Soleïma Arabi, Martin Belcour, Yves Coste , Elina Teyssendier and Grégoire Durif.

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