AIDS conference cocksuckers

Charles Lum

15’ • 2009 • vo anglais • st français • Etats-Unis • documentaire, film d’artiste

AIDS conference cocksuckers is a hybrid AIDS auto-documentary, amateur-porn, and observational journalistic document that uses split-screens to continuously re-contextualize and re-conceive gay sex and AIDS narratives.
Consummated at the 2006 AIDS Conference in Toronto, and re-created for single screen presentation in 2009, AIDS conference cocksuckers provocatively segues a spontaneous sexual encounter with the myriad activities at this huge and historic conference, culminating in a big birthday climax with a charismatic Bill Clinton.
Conceived for installation and designed to gauge and engage audience attentions as well as to inform and entertain, AIDS conference cocksuckers commandeers a world stage to challenge the distinctions between agitprop, porn and personal narrative.