Usine de Bazouqa (L’)

Atelier Graphoui

- - -

6’30 • 1986 • ov french • Belgium • animation

Spiderman and his cronies decide to cause a fake accident, to distract burglaries they commit.
But the police watch and stop them in an old gum factory.
Dreams soar...

A film directed by 5 teenagers aged 10 to 12 years, within the framework of a animated film workshop managed by Eric Dederen.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Revers - Atelier Cuisine
Soirée Plateau Télé
Court-Bouillon #2.24
Plateau Télé
Court-Bouillon #2.17
Plateau Télé #5
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ SuperVlieg-SuperMouche
Plateau Télé #2
Court-Bouillon #1
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Festival Partie(s) de Campagne #1