Toki no Hamon

Akinori Okada

2’05 • vo sans dialogue • Japon • animation

Toki no Hamon (Ripples of Time)
My mysterious dream
That does not exist
It is a part of imaginary world
Somehow it expresses my thoughts
Then, reborn as a new life.
The sensitive views in my dream are like ripples spread across the water by a pebble
But, the tiny memory ripples are overlapped with other ripples
That drag new memory out, then release new ray.
I scooped the shine gently, gazed for a while
This is the poetic picture.

piano : Yuri Maeda
music : Johann Sebastien Bach

The method that I used is my original shadowgraph animation.
I put the Japanese paper which I colored with coffee on a transparent acrylic box, then put the box on a light source.
In the acrylic box, there are some thin acrylic boards. By painting the board or carving the board, I projected “shades of color” on the Japanese paper.
Also, by dropping water on the paper, the color spreads out by projecting the silhouette which came out from the water dried out.
So I expressed the “flow of time”.
This animation with the music by a pianist, Ms. Yuri Maeda is dedicated to Yuri Norstein and Jean Sebastien Bach.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Soirée Plateau Télé
Soirée Plateau Télé
Court-Bouillon #2.7