Projection on sofa

Violette Delvoye

6’35 • 2016 • vo français • st anglais • Belgique • animation

Movie night at home. At the end of the screening, Lucie and Manu start a conversation about the idea of travelling. While smoking and drinking wine, they exchange their ideas, needs and expectations.

sceenplay : Violette Delvoye
composing, assistant director, pop master, settings : Chloé Alliez, Aude Ha Leplège
voices : Manon Lheureux and Charlène Sauldé
photography : Laura Perera San Martín
sound : Lancelot Hervé
ending credits song : Nöma, by Benoît Lizen
production and distribution : Atelier de Production, ENSAV La Cambre

- watch the film

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade