Prisonnière du Pont aux Dions (La)

Gaël LÉpingle

27’ • 2005 • vo français • France • documentaire

I was fourteen when Georges Besse was executed.
A few months later, the members of Action Directe (a group of terrorist activists) were arrested in a farm close to Orléans where I lived.
Of the event I grasped only a few words and names, some images, all reduced to a brief news item. Then, nothing. Fading.Yet, one name remained : Nathalie Ménigon.
I don’t know exactly why.

photography : Wilfried Jude
sound : Eugénie Deplus
production and editing : Gaël Lépingle
texts : Alain Badiou, Action Directe and Nathalie Ménigon.
with the voices of Françoise Lebrun, Marcel Khaled et Marie Gaumy

- awards
prix "Georges de Beauregard" - FID Marseille - 2006
prix "Son et Images" - Écrans Documentaires - Arcueil - 2006

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
La Vidéothèque Nomade + La jungle étroite