Abel Ringot

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11’30 • 2017 • ov french • Belgium, France • animation, fiction • HD

Manolo is paper puppet, created by Alice, director of animation movies. He decides to merrily live his own filmic adventure in the forest…

script: Abel Ringot
animation: Abel Ringot, Marie Lechevallier & Luisa Taouri
voices: Agathe Guichard, Armand Herbelin, Alice Ringot
& Dominique Ringot
sound: David Nelissen
mixing: Alexandre Debuchy & David Nelissen
music: Constant Sajaloli
producer: Daphné Courbot-Petit (Cellofan’)
Jean-Luc Slock (Camera Etc) & Barbara Vougnon (Zéro de Conduite Productions)

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade