Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle.

Vergine Keaton

9’10 • 2009 • vo sans dialogue • France • animation

In the forest, the herd of deer turns against the hound dogs that have been chasing them so far.
From this unusual chase, new landscapes arise from the ground.
This collage drama was made after an idea from a 19th century engraving.

script and design : Vergine Keaton
music : Vale Poher
animation and compositing : Anna Khmelevskaya
production : 25 Films
distribution : Bonobo Studio

- awards
Best soundtrack - Animfest Athens - 2010
Diploma of merit - Tampere Film Festival - 2010
Best original music - International Short Film Festival - Clermont Ferrand - 2010
Grand Prix non-narrative short - Holland Animation Film Festival - 2009
Jury diploma - Open Cinema - Saint Petersburg - 2009

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