Grands arbres

Ann Marie Fleming

12’10 • 2013 • vo anglais • st français • Canada • fiction • 16/9

This short semi-animated film tells the story of a woman’s spectacular ocean view from her apartment in Vancouver’s West End. How far will she go when leaves start to obscure her panorama, her light and her happiness ?
A brilliant blend of stop-motion, projections and models, drawings and altered live-action transports us into a meditation on the tension between urban life and the natural environment.
Like Don Giovanni, will our ambitious protagonist stop at nothing to get her way ?

writing and lyrics : Ann Marie Fleming
original music : Gordon Durity, Alessandro Juliani
animation : Kevin Langdale
production designer : Erik Whittaker
editor : Ann Marie Fleming, Jeanne Slater
cinematographer : Brian Johnston
digital imaging specialist : Éloi Champagne, Randall Finnerty
sound design and sound editing : Gordon Durity
recording : Rukkus House
executive producer : Roddy McManus
producer : Michael Fukushima
production, distribution : National Film Board of Canada NFB

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Apéro Vidéo #5