Romain Blanc-Tailleur & Damien Pelletier

- - -

7’10 • 2008 • ov no dialog • France • experimental, animation • 16/9 • HDV

A character accidentally discovers the acoustic virtues of the ground on which he’s standing. He starts to play music with every form he can handle around him, but his creative energy starts to transform everything around. Finally appears a second himself with whom he will have to "compose" a real duet...

cast: Robert Bennett
music: Pierre Bertaud du Chazaud
3D animation: Mathieu Gouin
sound mixing: Etienne Honet
production: ENSAD

- awards:
Best music award - Verona Festival - 2009
Grand prix Centrale - Paris - 2009
Prix du public / Prix de l’animation / grand prix - Festival One Reeler - Chatenay-Malabry - 2008

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