Drift to dust

Kristine Diekman

- - -

10’45 • 1994 • ov english, chinese, french • USA • experimental

Drift to Dust is inspired by a text by John Berger in which he discusses home as a nomadic concept, a place where the vertical and horizontal meet (the tent pole and the ground plane), central yet constantly shifting.
This idea of a shifting center is expressed through language, image, sound and text. This experimental video develops ideas about home, nomadic aesthetics, vernacular language and the Midwest landscape.
Chinese characters for interstice, for melancholy, for above and for below are used as a poetic structure to orient a spatial and psychological return to a familiar landscape.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Vidéothèque Nomade and Parcours d’artistes #2
Cabinet de recouvrement #2