DVD authoring

We are offering you a DVD authoring service from A to Z

Depending on the different elements you wish to integrate on your DVD, we advise you and take on all the production stages from the initial scenario up to the final master.
Please contact us for any information ; we are available to answer all your questions.
DVD-Video project management :
- Project design : scenario / advanced interactivity/ simple & complex title
- Graphics design : simple / complex menu / fixed or animated
- Audio and video pré-procressing : multi-standards digitizing / VBR video encoding / AC-3 audio compression (possibility of importing DTS files format)
- Authoring / tests / copy protection
- Chapter selection / subtitling / slideshow
- Premastering : DVD-5 / DVD-9
- Duplicating : for quantities under than 50 copies
- Replication : DVD or DLT outputting

Support DVD’s caracteristics :
In the past few years, the DVD has become an essential support due to its technical properties (image quality, multiple sound channels, multilingual subtitles and interaction).
Its applications cover a wide variety of fields, such as educational material, a means of communicating, broadcasting and editing, but it is also a tool for artistic creativity.
Indeed, the DVD offers, around a central theme, additional contents that can enhance messages or supply further information.
Whether it be a movie or a film on art or educational film, the DVD is the ideal audiovisual media for the broadcasting of knowledge.
We consider that the design of a DVD is a whole project in itself and for which each element is important. The technical (digitization, coding, and author development) and graphic tasks (menu, pocket and label designs) are given to professionals ; thus, taking into account your requirements and the complexity of the project, we create a DVD that meets your expectations.