Charles Lum

3’ • 2005 • vo sans dialogue • Etats-Unis • film d’artiste

A tricky formalist exercise imbedded into a short narrative, Auto-pilot uses a divided screen to contrast the filmic techniques of real and manipulated time, static and fluid camera, and documented activity vs acting.
A dual exploration of objectivity and subjectivity via camera positioning and audience point of view, Auto-pilot upends the narrative conclusions suggested by it’s mundane imagery.
The composed soundtrack ominously counterpoints the banal activity.
The abrupt brevity of Auto-pilot requires meaning to be negotiated only in retrospect, imposing new narratives on linear time and emotional perspectives.
It’s formal, it’s funny, it shocks and it’s short.

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Apéro Vidéo #5
Périscope’s screening at FIDEC
Cercle Vidéo #2
Périscope 1