Archeo 29

Vladislav Knezevic

- - -

9’30 • 2010 • ov no dialog • Croatia • experimental, animation

If the new world ever existed, it is still hidden way behind the horizon.
An analogue clock is ticking away the last seconds before world crisis, while a noble patina covers fragments for archaeologists of memory. A silent relief in between two wars; a time of diffident bodies, of melancholy leisure, of secret divisions of the world. It is 1929. Peace before an enormous explosion.

scriptwriter: Vladislav Knezevic
animation and compositing: Mario Kalogjera
editing: Vladislav Knezevic and Mario Kalogjera
music: Viktorija Cop
producer: Vanja Andrijevic, Bonobostudio

- awards
Oktavijan Award - Best Experimental Film - Days of Croatian Film - 2010

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